WebCard services include design, hosting, small business sites, weblet mini sites, and webcards News and Notes

We provide web design and hosting solutions for small businesses and non-profit organizations. We offer various packages at different levels of services starting with the WebCard. As you can see, the WebCard is a powerful  Web Site solution providing you an immediate Internet presence for your business or organization.  You may be interested in reading about us.  Click on details. 

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WebCard services include design, hosting, small business sites, weblet mini sites, and webcards
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WebCard services include design, hosting, small business sites, weblet mini sites, and webcards
WebCard services include design, hosting, small business sites, weblet mini sites, and webcards.
WebCard services include design, hosting, small business sites, weblet mini sites, and webcards This page is an example of a WEBCARD

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WebCards News Page.


Some History

  • PRS CS, Inc. was established as a desk-top publishing firm in 1980. Providing print, illustration, copy-prep, formatting, corporate identity, brochures, flyers, and similar material aided by the advances in imaging software led the company to photograph retouching in 1992 but only for a while.  In June of 1993 the World Wide Web as we know it was launched and CeeMe.Com was established by PRS CS, Inc. to handle the electronic publishing to inter- and intra-nets. As the electronic publishing side grew, CeeMe.Com essentially left the print publishing arena to devote full time and attention to electronic publishing and Internet Websites. We certainly have a lot of experience in a lot of things related to business-to-business services.


  • Over the years, www.CeeMe.Com carved a niche for itself by providing high quality Websites to Start-ups and Non-Profit organizations, and focused on Women Owned Firms. 

  • By 2000, several additional Web Specialists were added to the rosters as were several clients.

  • CeeMe.Com consistently wins design awards not only for its own Website, but for those it implements for others.  CeeMe.Com sites are  nominated by visitors and it is always a wonderful surprise to us to receive notification of yet another design award.

  • CeeMe.Com's Web Specialists are certified in design and development, have loads of experience, love working on Websites, and are very responsible, friendly folks.

  • CeeMe.Com's Web Specialists are encouraged to provide free design services to Community, Civic, and Non-Profit organizations.  CeeMe.Com frequently does not charge for its work in designing and maintaining these sites. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be affiliated with these organizations and it is our way of giving back to our communities.

  • CeeMe.Com keeps up with technology, follows Web design guidelines established by the World Wide Web Consortium, and is a member of many Internet and Web Development Associations. CeeMe can design to meet accessibility and 508 standards.


 Take a Coffee Break, WebCards does!

CeeMe.Com launched its own Website in June of 1996.  Although at the time it was wonderful, looking back on it now, it may have been a rather calm site. It has since been replaced several times over with newer, more powerful functionality and design work.


We frequently burn the midnight oil to get a project done but we love it so and wouldn't have it any other way.

Also in 1996, CeeMe.Com developed the WEBLET, a "mini-Web" with all the functionality of a large Website but with only 1-4 pages. These pioneer WEBLETS were so popular that CeeMe.Com put them up all over the Internet.  You can see some Weblets by going here.


Spotlight on WEBCARDS!However, we know full well that not everyone who needs an Internet presence needs a full-scale web site. Oftentimes, a single page can be used to successfully identify the business or service.  So CeeMe.Com formed WebCards.US to support established as well as start-up businesses. These single page Websites are extremely popular with Organizations, SOHO and Home-Based businesses, and a lot of other people for that matter, because our pricing structure minimizes design and hosting fees for our clients, and yet we provide a knock-out site for Internet visitors. This entire page is a WebCard and you see how creative we can be!



WebCards people at a meeting!

Even though they have different names, they are all part of CeeMe.Com, a small business, woman owned and operated.  Each is headed by its own dedicated person to manage the work assigned but sometimes everyone has to work on the same project if it is a large Website or requires unique programming. Additionally, CeeMe.Com has formed strategic partnerships with vendors, contractors, and other service providers who frequently provide input and assistance to CeeMe.Com during the Web development process.  We also subcontract to do work for other Web development firms and we free lance with US and International IT firms.

CeeMe.Com is SBA certified, registered Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE), and a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE). We are listed on the GSA roster for offering accessible services. We are required to collect Maryland State tax of 5%, except on non-profit work.

Try a WebCard or a Weblet. Both are affordable Internet sites.We invite you to try a WebCard  for a unique and extremely affordable presentation of your business or organization.

Best of all, your WebCard can be fully upgraded to a mini-site, and/or upgraded to a small business site.  You can take it one step at a time as with the growth of your business or organization.

Our line of Web services includes:
WebCards Websites
Weblets Websites
Small Business/Non-Profit Websites
Accessible Websites
Medical Websites
Domain Services, Register/Transfer
Bulk Mail Services
Search Engine Marketing
Web Hosting
Copyright Protection
eMail Services
Postcards, Business Cards, Letterhead, Flyers
IP and Site Security
Conference/Meeting/Event/Registration Webs
Shopping Carts
Flash Movies
Database Development

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