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Challenge: Keeping In Touch™ with Members, Associates, Clients
Having a conference? Need to announce or change a service? Need to distribute brochures, flyers, newsletters? Its a fact; you must stay in constant contact with your members, associates and clients to keep them interested and informed and to generate new leads. Paper products cost; mailing costs; mail delivery is lengthy and only so-so.  Forget the Fax! You Should Be Making Information Delivery Electronically!
Solution: Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail. With bulk mail solutions, you communicate whenever the mood strikes or the need arises. With bulk mail solutions, Opt-in/out is voluntary on the part of the recipient. With bulk mail solutions, you can create a flow of information that is easy to transmit, delivered immediately or at a time you choose, extremely cost effective, and dependable.

We offer two services: List Services for two-way communication and eMail Services for one-way communication. Either solution will meet your need to be In Touch™. Use the links to the left for details.


Non-Profit, Civic, Community Services: Initial $625, Annual $520
Includes: We Set Up, 250 Members, 300 Messages a Month, train Administrator
- We manage and maintain- you provide a backup Administrator: Add $550 Annually 

For-Profit Business List Services: Basic: Annual: We will provide estimate.
Give us estimated number of messages a month, average size of message, size of list.
Provide the information by eMail; we will get back to you.

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