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Contact ANY of our clients to get information on our work. CeeMe consistently scores right off the charts on client  service and support.


CeeMe First!  Below is some of our work for clients.

Extraordinarily Designed 1-page Webs

In the early 1990's when the WWW as we know it was young, CeeMe® created, copyrighted, and trademarked the WebCard®.  Only $225 per card still in effect today!

Small Office Home Office, 5 page webs.

One of the early SOHO 5 page web designs from a series called Weblets.  Weblets, created and copyrighted by CeeMe®, are very popular even today.  Still only $375!

Unique Webs perfect for Home-Based Businesses, 5 page websites. 
Still only $375!

In Touch
Bulk mail service
One way service-Announcement service
Two way service-Discussion service
Formerly List Services from CeeMe®

Custom Web Design and Hosting Firm 
Nationwide from Bowie MD
CEE my CeeMe T-shirt and Card Shop

CeeMe® Printing Services
CeeMe® Printing and Publishing Services
Nationwide from Bowie MD

Carol Paterick™
Association Business Services: Membership Management, Meeting and Conference Support.
Nationwide from Bowie MD

Rent Space at 605 Main Street
Portage, PA 15946
Office space for commercial lease

Northwest Drafting and Design, Inc.
Creating custom architectural documents for architects, builders, homeowners.

The Cakery in Bowie, Maryland
Mmmmmmm. Homemade goodness since 1996.

Noll's Forestry Services
Paul Noll, Timber Management
Timber Appraisal

MacIntyre Painting
"Mac Painted" means Worry Free
Houses and commercial properties

Med Webs
We Develop Medical Websites for  Doctors, Family Practices, Dentists,

Studio47 Spa
Hair Salon in Bethesda, MD

Official Logo and Licensed Items
   Soul Cool Entertainment's and "4U" Stores  

TC TV / TC Talent Mix
TV and Video Production Company, Nationwide from Bowie MD

TC Photo Gallery of Media Stars
TV and Video Production Company, Nationwide from Bowie MD

The FAB Lounge
Club in Washington, DC. Rent the party room for social events, retirement and birthday parties. 

Webs 4 Women
Web Design and Development
Nationwide from Bowie MD

Cambria County Historical Society
Cambria County Historical Society T-shirt Shop
Ebensburg, PA 15931

International Association of Eating disorders Professionals, IAEDP  Symposiums | Join IAEDP

International Association of Women Police

IAWP Conference Sites
IAWP2007    |   IAWP2009   |   IAWP2010  |  IAWP2014

Portage Area Historical Society
The Portage PA Station Museum

SIMS, the Society for Ion Mass Spectrometry

International Portal 
The International SIMS Society for the Exchange of Practical Information about http://www.simssociety.orgSecondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Trace Explosive Detection Organization
U.S. Based Organization for the Exchange of Information about Trace Explosives Detection

The Traditional Anglers of PA
Anglers Association in Portage PA

Washington State Chapter of the
National Association of Field Training Officers

Providing for the exchange of ideas in training and development in the law enforcement arena

Women in Federal Law Enforcement Inc.
Advancing Women in Federal Law Enforcement
WIFLE Newsletters   |  Wifle Leadership Training

Run with A Cop
Event Packages for Law Enforcement
Overview   |  Services 

Mississippi Women's Law Enforcement Association
Strengthen, Unite and Raise the profile of women in law enforcement.

Southern Police Institute Alumni Association
60th Annual Training Conference
Covington, Kentucky


Southern Police Institute Alumni Association
Website and Membership Management
University of Louisville Kentucky

Halici Romanov Sheep Farm
West Virginia
Registered Breeder
Faik and Elisabeth Halici


Southern Police Institute Alumni Association
2013 Annual re-Training Conference Monroe NC


Annual Training Conference Winnipeg

IAWP 2014.org

Additional Services

 Event Registration

WIFLE, SIMS, IAWP, Run with Cops, Trace Explosives


TAP-PA, WIFLE, SIMS, IAWP, Run with Cops, CCHS, PAHS, Soul Cool

Domain Name Services

Studio47 Spa, WIFLE, SIMS, PAHS, TAP-PA, and others

Hosting Services

All of the above and others

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About CeeMe.Com

CeeMe provides custom web and print design, web hosting, domain name registrations, printed publications, Section 508 accessibility web sites, and is a top Maryland web and printing design firm.  Of course our clients are from all over the US and each gets our personal attention.

Our custom works have won acclaim from clients and won awards. Our fees for print work, web design and hosting, and domain name registrations are among the lowest in the industry.  We not only produce custom publishing in print and on line,  we provide shopping carts, graphics design, graphics scanning, forms, business cards, brochures, postcards, stationery, hit counters, guest books, slideshows, editing/proofreading, web marketing, site maintenance, Section 508 accessibility upgrade and Section 508 development. 

We provide event and conference materials, registration websites with Access databases, and conference programs; we specialize in small business, home office, non-profit organization custom publishing.  We work with local, state and federal entities on custom web development, graphic design, corporate branding and corporate communications, interactive custom webs, web logos, site branding, and building a custom web.  We work on brochures, marketing postcards, flyers, guest books, search engines, page designs, custom pages, website promotion, and...well...most anything associated with the Internet and World Wide Web and print publishing.

We work with industry-wide partners bringing together the best talent for your custom work.  Contact us to create and print your material and build your custom website. 

We are a small business firm, woman owned and operated, working with the Internet from as early as June 1996.  We have been in the print publishing business since 1980 providing copy services, manuals, graphic and print work.  We have worked on both "Intranet" and "Internet" projects for a wide variety of US and overseas clients. Needless to say, CeeMe has gained a lot of experience over the years even though the World Wide Web is still a youngster - get its history here.

We were one of the first, and remain one of the only, Print and Web Development Firms, to offer fixed-rate fees for our custom work products. Our clients know up front what a project will cost initially and what recurring costs will occur in subsequent years.  Many of CeeMe's first clients are still with CeeMe today. If we were not a fair and reasonable firm, we would not be able to make that statement because today, the market is crowded with design firms. We must be doing something right because our clients have remained as clients over the years! 

CeeMe pioneered the Weblet, a one to 3-page Web site for businesses which do not yet need a large site. CeeMe's Weblets remained one of our most popular products for a number of years.  With the advance of technology came reduced hosting fees.  Although we no longer produce "Weblets," our pricing for up to twelve pages of text and graphics is just as low.  Our main product, the Small Business Domain Site, meets most client's requirements for more Web pages or more complex page displays inherent in a larger site.

CeeMe works diligently in producing Web sites that are simply extraordinary.  We support our clients 100% and no job is too small.  We even get hired to produce re-designs of current sites, animated Flash movies, animated banners, and, with increasing frequency, we are contacted to produce Web sites that are absolutely eclectic!

To get more information on our products, go to the Services page.  To view some of our work, visit our client sites. To read the latest News about CeeMe Internet Services, go to our News Page. If you have any questions, Contact us. 

In Print or On line with Impact, CeeMe First!

CeeMe.com has been engaged in custom web site design and web development, web hosting, and domain name registration since 1996. Web design and hosting have changed throughout the years, but our commitment to quality and unprecedented customer service has not. Every step of our work, from initial web design and development to web hosting and implementation, is geared toward your satisfaction. Web design and development is not just what we do- it's how we live. We design and host quality web sites for medical, law enforcement, small business, and not-for-profit organizations. Our domain name registration is one of the lowest fees in the industry. CeeMe produces digital ebooks, medical websites, and we can bring your current site up to Section 508 accessibility standards.  If you thought compliant sites had to be stripped down, think again!  The entire W4W site at this link are compliant and  rich in design.  We invite you to look at those Web pages and know that we provide everything you need from domain name registrations or transfers to web hosting on high-speed servers.  We will design and develop your WebCard, Weblet, or Website to a unique look and feel.

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CeeMe provides free web space and development to many non-profit Kid-involved organizations. There is always a need for donations to cover the costs. If you can afford a donation, you will be blessed. Click here to donate and accept our sincere thanks.



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