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  • PRS CS, Inc.
    2533 N. Caron Street, Carson City, Nevada 89706
    Federal Tax Identification: 88-0331362

    PRS CS, Inc. was established as a desk-top publishing firm in 1980 providing print, illustration, copy-prep, formatting, corporate identity, brochures, flyers, and similar material made possible by the advances in imaging and word processing software. In June of 1993 the World Wide Web as we know it was launched and CeeMe® was established by PRS CS, Inc. to handle the electronic publishing of inter- and intra-nets. As the electronic publishing side grew, CeeMe® carved a niche for itself by providing high quality Websites to non-profit organizations and small business. By 2000, several additional Web specialties were added as were several clients.

  • Carol Paterick™
    12600 Kavanaugh Ln, Bowie, Maryland 20715
    Federal Tax Identification: 26-3439415

    To meet administrative needs of growing non-profit organizations, in March of 1997 PRS CS, Inc. launched Carol Paterick™  to provide fiscal and trustee services including invoicing, money collection, accounting and check preparation; secretarial, technical and administrative services; telephone, fax, and voicemail service; membership and organization management; small and large email and postal mailings; meeting and planning registration and payment tasks, special guest handling, and similar functions; and of course, tax filing, marketing, and advertisement. 

    Company strengths are the ease of working with us; our ability to handle a wide array of tasks quickly, dependably, and efficiently; and our wide-ranging knowledge of association and business management. 

  • Much of our work over the years has been donated and volunteer services have been provided to several smaller non-profit organizations including WIFLE (13 Years - Women in Federal Law Enforcement); AREA (8 Years - Aquatic Resources Education Association); BSN (5 Years - Washington DC Business Sharing Network); EAC (10 Years - Elizabethtown Aquatic Club); SIMS and SIMS-I (6 Years - Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry International); IAWP (International Association of Women Police); and, many communities including the Portage PA Historical Society and the Cambria County Historical Society - most of whom we still work with on both a paid and volunteer basis.

    Carol Paterick™ was cited for its work with nonprofit organizations in the Heritage Registry of Who's Who in Business Services for 2007-2008.

  • Read Mainline Dispatch Newspaper article on Carol as the webmaster for the Save Our Porch, Cambria County Historical Society, May 2012, at this link.

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