605 Main Street Portage, PA 15946

Its difficult to imagine a nicer or quieter area in which to operate a business.  Business owners in Portage PA enjoy a steady flow of customers - both the local townspeople and buyers from surrounding communities.  Main Street has plenty of on-street metered parking, and there are overflow open parking areas in walking distance of Main Street.  Almost the entire town is within Pennsylvania historical district boundaries so the designs of the buildings are from the 1800s.
The space in the PEARCE Building at the corner of Main Street and Caldwell Avenue. 605 Main Street is quaint and boasts of original oak and glass.  The original ceilings are 12' high and the spaciousness of the common area on the Second Floor is undeniable and welcoming.
To talk to someone about your rental needs, contact Ed Hill at cell phone 240-476-9657.

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This historic building is called "The Pearce Building" after its builder, (Thomas) James Pearce.  The building is prestigiously located on the corner of Main Street and Caldwell Avenue giving occupants broad exposure from traffic coming into and leaving Main Street in Portage.  The corner building is a great location for offices or a service - oriented business.  The building served as a hospital during the Civil War and is written about in the Historical Society Book, "Portrait of Our Town." The building has an LED time and temperature display visible to everyone coming into or leaving Main Street, giving the building additional notoriety.

description in brief

The first floor currently hosts the Holiday Dance Company, from Altoona.  The second-floor space is divided into areas that previously housed a medical doctor, accounting firm, and an attorney.  A dentist has part-time medical offices currently on the second floor.  You can see from these examples the possibilities you have to configure the spaces for a wide variety of functions and to meet various requirements. 


A couple of the spaces have on-premises sinks making on-site water available. Unit 4 has two bathrooms; Unit 3 has one bathroom. The upstairs medical office has a large bathroom and the remaining upstairs units share a large bathroom on the second floor.  Second floor spaces have exterior hall access through elegant old hand-crafted oak doors.  In the doors is the original glass which you can letter in gold leaf with your business or name.  The spaces are flooded with natural light through windows (one or more depending on the room), and a couple of the spaces had their ceilings dropped down to 8' from the original 12' (which may be a positive heating consideration for you).

Access to the second floor is from Main Street up a flight of stairs or by the new chair lift.  The stairs lead on the left into a very spacious, open, carpeted area.  The rental areas are at the outside perimeter of the open area.  Walls in the common area are painted ecru, and original oak chair rails and door frames are visible all over. 

important to note

The building has been in continual use since construction was completed in 1914.  Appropriate to the various periods of time, upgrades were planned or made.  The architectural detail on the outside and inside is, for the most part, untouched adding to the charm and desirability of the space.

It is not our intention to degrade the space through construction/re-construction. Rather, we intend that the space and property be utilized as it now is.  Enhancements are being considered but destructive renovation will not be taking place.

Purchased on April 8, 2006, by Carol Paterick, a Portage PA native, and Edward Hill, a Maryland native, the building and its history is honored through their property management, careful restoration, and commercial businesses occupying the historic space.  Call Ed Hill 301-805-0784 to rent.

Major upgrades to the heating (2008-2010: boiler, hot water, radiator, set-back thermostats), safety (2009-2011: security cameras surround the building; outside street and rear area bright lights; each Unit has lighted Exit signs; commercial fire extinguishers; emergency exit directional lighting, etc.); air conditioning units and ceiling fans (2013); flooring (2008: hardwood laminate); electrical outlets (2012-2014); window awnings (2012); tar and asphalt roof (2014), and more. Contact us at 301-805-0784. 


>>History of Thomas Pearce and the building 100 year anniversary PDF. (Historical data researched and compiled by Ed's sister.)


Click link for full-size display. 1916 - The Luther Drug Store.

Look at the prior photo to see some of the upgrades and the corner display. The building next door is now only
a parking lot for the pharmacy.

 working on building